Adult Soccer League Sign-Up


Leagues will consist of 8 games (7 games and 1 playoff game)


Men’s leagues play 6v6 (five players and a goalie) – Field 1 on Sunday Nights
Co-ed  play 7 v 7 (six players and a goalie) – Field 1 (Fall 2) on Monday and Thursday Nights


$50 deposit per team due at registration. Balance must be paid prior to 2nd game.
Coaches/Managers are personally responsible for full balance. Leagues are formed on a first come/first serve basis. Leagues may be combined in order to accommodate.


For more information, contact Leisa at 618-939-4287 or email or register your team online.

League Players on Field Game Time Ball Size # Games Deposit Price Start Date Register
Men – Fall 6  2/22 Min 5 8 $50 $700 Sep 9th

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Co-Ed – Fall 7  2/22 Min  5 8  $50  $700 Sept 10th

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Men – Winter 6  2/22 Min 5 8 $50 $700 Nov 11th

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Co-Ed – Winter 7  2/22 Min  5 8  $50  $700  Nov 12th

Men – Spring 6  2/22 Min 5 8 $50 $700 Jan 20th

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Co-Ed – Spring 7  2/22 Min  5 8  $50  $700  Jan 21st

Rescheduling Guidelines!

Schedule Requests/Conflicts (prior to schedules) Prior to scheduling, we accept all schedule requests. We do not accept conflicts by email, phone, text or in person. You must Click here to submit a request prior to scheduling.

Schedule Changes If schedules are made, you may request a schedule change if the following 3 are true:

1.) The game is more than 72 hours away
2.) The conflict affects at least half of your players
3.) The conflict is school or sport related

If all 3 are true, you must follow both of the following steps:
1) .Email that you are filling out a request
2.) Click here and submit the full request