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Coach Pitch – Ages 5-9

Registration: $60.00

We create PHS House Teams in these age groups. The cost is $60 per player, which includes 6 games.


For more information regarding our Youth Leagues, please call us at 618.939.4287 or email John (john.moore@powerhaussports.com)

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Coach Pitch

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6 innings / 1 hour max* 6 $60 Nov 17th

Rescheduling Guidelines!

Schedule Requests/Conflicts (prior to schedules) Prior to scheduling, we accept all schedule requests. We do not accept conflicts by email, phone, text or in person. You must Click here to submit a request prior to scheduling.

Schedule Changes If schedules are made, you may request a schedule change if the following 3 are true:

1.) The game is more than 72 hours away
2.) The conflict affects at least half of your players
3.) The conflict is school or sport related

If all 3 are true, you must follow both of the following steps:
1) .Email Leisa@powerhaussports.com that you are filling out a request
2.) Click here and submit the full request