Batting Cage & Turf Rental Rules

All users of batting cages and open turf understand they use the facility at their own risk. Power Haus Sports, Metro East Power Haus Inc. and Ziklag LLC are not liable for any personal injury or equipment damage sustained in or around cages or turf.

All Rental Times include set up and clean up

All participants must sign our athletic waiver prior to taking the field

Please take a moment to read our complete rules below:

  1. Batters must wear helmets at all times. No exceptions
  2. Pitchers and coaches must use the L screen if there is a batter in the cage
  3. Tennis shoes or turf shoes only- No metal cleats
  4. No food or drinks – Except water- are allowed on the turf or in the cages
  5. Gum is very harmful to our turf, anyone found chewing gum while on the turf will be asked to leave immediately and understand that rental fee will be forfeited
  6. An onsite Adult/Coach is required for anyone under the age of 18 entering turf or cages
  7. Fee must be paid in full and waiver signed before an individual or team is allowed to take the field.
  8. Any use of the turf (outside of cages) will require a $350.00 damage deposit- This can be in the form of a check that is not cashed or a credit card number to secure the deposit. Damage to the walls or glass will result in fee of $350.00 to replace said glass or board.
  9. It is mandatory that catchers have proper catching equipment, all catchers are required to wear a mask.
  10. No batting practice outside of batting cages
  11. Only practice balls may be used outside of batting cages
  12. Please do not lean or hang on nets
  13. No swinging bats anywhere other than rented practice area
  14. Balls are available for cage rentals and must be checked out – Balls are marked and will be counted by Power Haus staff prior to your departure.
  15. Players and Coaches should abstain from throwing toward the glass surrounding the field.

Please be aware of your surroundings- Coaches remind your players that there is give in the batting cage nettings and they should not walk or stand within 5 ft of any occupied cage.

Power Haus Sports requires a security deposit from teams using any part of the turf field outside of the cages.

Download the Deposit Agreement.

Stay tuned for more information